IAME X30 Euro Series

IAME X30 Euro Series

Sunday: Strawberry Racing Senior 1-2-3 at IAME X30 Euro Series Wackersdorf! All Seniors in the main finals! Led most of the Junior race until contact near the end!

Saturday: Strawberry Racing strong across the board in the Wackersdorf! Ranking heats are in and pre-final starting positions…
Seniors: P2/3/4/12/13/20/26
Juniors: P4/7/8/21

Overall Pole for Strawberry Racing and Leroux at IAME Euro Series! 3 drivers in the top 11 in Senior! Euro rookie Amer Harris Jefry goes top 8 overall at first attempt!
Timed Qualifying Results are in as follows:
Senior X30:
Romain Leroux P1
Amer Harris Jefry P8
Jordan Brown Nutley P11
Mark Kimber P20
Mathilda Olsson P24
Piers Henderson P39
Rufus Hunt P47
Mikael Moilanen P57

Junior X30
Josh Rowledge P6
Cian Sheilds P12
Joseph Taylor P26
Aaron Walker P30

Scorching day today at Wackersdorf for free practice.

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