OTK Domination at British Kart GP

OTK Domination at British Kart GP

Strawberry Racing, Sole UK importer for the full OTK range would like to congratulate its dealers and teams for their podiums and victories over the past years, and also for an overwhelming showing at the British Kart GP held at PFI.

SENIOR X30 🥇MBR + Ben Barnicoat
SENIOR X30 🥉Strawberry Racing + Jordan Brown – Nutley

SENIOR ROTAX 🥇MBR + Ben Barnicoat
SENIOR ROTAX 🥈Strawberry Racing + Lewis Gilbert
SENIOR ROTAX 🥉KR Sport + Clayton Ravenscroft

JUNIOR X30 🥇DHR + Oliver Gray
JUNIOR X30 🥈Strawberry Racing + Joseph Taylor
JUNIOR X30 🥉Premium Karting + Sam Shaw

JUNIOR ROTAX 🥇Persistence + Will Elswood
JUNIOR ROTAX 🥈KR Sport + Oliver Bearman

MINI X30 🥇FUSION + Oliver Greenall
MINI X30 🥈FUSION + Jess Edgar
MINI X30 🥉KMS + Luke Watts

IAME CADET 🥈ORM + Harley Keeble

Great work guys!

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