Cream on top at BNL

Once again Cream Racing Engines showing what they can do, this time in the Rotax classes, at round 1 on the BNL at Genk.
The junior drivers had a strong performance over the two days, with 2nd in quali, 3rd in quali, and top 3 finishes in the pre final and finals!
🥈 Jeff-Hall Qualifying
🥉 Terlouw Qualifying
🥉Terlouw Pre Final
🥉 Terlouw Final
Senior drivers were dominant once again, taking mutiple wins in the heats, 3 drivers in the top 4 of the pre final, and a 1-2 in the final.
🥇 Bradshaw - Qualifying Group 1
🥈 Kimber - Qualifying Group 2
🏆 7 Heat wins
🏆 Pre Final winner
🏆 Final winner
⏱ 4 Fastest Laps
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Podium for Terlouw!
A great week for the junior drivers in Genk.
@matthijs.terlouw taking 3rd in the rankings, after a 3rd in qualifying, 3rd in the pre final, and 3rd in the final!
@tstrauven took 7th in qualifying, 6th in the pre final, and 8th in the final.
@ethanjeffhall started the day strongly with 2nd in qualifying. A 5th in the pre final and 7th in the final was a great way to round off his first weekend in the junior class!
Final Winner!
A commanding win for @markkimber47 in the final at BNL!
@bradshawcallum taking 2nd
@aaron.walker06 P9 on the road
@lewisgilbert_29 unable to finish after damage sustained battling for 3rd!
Lingard DNF
Pre Final Winner!
@bradshawcallum took the pre final win at Genk!
@markkimber47 2nd
@aaron.walker06 P4
@lewisgilbert_29 P8 from 19th on the grid
Lingard P14 from 34th
Junior Day 1 at BNL
Strawberry junior drivers started the weekend off well in Genk. All three drivers in the top 6 in group in qualifying, and strong results in the heats.
@tstrauven - 4th in group - 7th overall
@matthijs.terlouw - 3rd in group - 5th overall
@ethanjeffhall - 4th in group - 10th overall
Pre Final
@tstrauven - 4th (Penalty)
@matthijs.terlouw - 3rd
@ethanjeffhall - 18th
@tstrauven - 9th
@matthijs.terlouw - Crash
@ethanjeffhall 12th
Good luck for day two today! 🤞🏼💥
Heat Results from BNL
The seniors putting in another strong showing, this time in the senior Rotax class.
5 wins for the Strawberry racing drivers give us the following positions for today’s pre final:
@bradshawcallum Pole
@markkimber47 3rd
@aaron.walker06 5th
@lewisgilbert_29 19th
Lingard 40th
Good luck in the finals today! 🤞🏼💥
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