BNL Winners!

A super Sunday for the team in @karting.des.fagnes Mariembourg for the second round of the @bnl.kartingseries

4 senior drivers in the top 8 of the pre final, with a 1-2-4-8. @ethanjeffhall leading @markkimber47 home with @kai.rillaerts in 4th and @leeaustin_ in 8th.
The main final was again a 1-2-4 this time with @markkimber47 taking the win from @ethanjeffhall and @leeaustin_ in 4th. 14th for @kai.rillaerts after a crash at the start dropped him down to last.
Junior drivers had a strong week through the heats but some bad luck on finals day.
@armandhamilton24 took 2 heat wins and a 4th, before avoidable contact from another driver in the pre final ended his race. Unfortunately the same happened in the final after making up lots of ground he was hit from behind misplacing the exhaust causing retirement.
@official_charliesmithracing had his first race in Europe this weekend. Massive improvements all the way through the weekend, taking a 14th in the final on the road.
A great week and fantastic preparation for this weekends @rotaxmaxeurotrophy !
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