Euro Trophy

Euro Trophy

Euro Trophy Double Winners...

Double Win for the drivers over in @karting.genk today, Junior Max Winner @ethanjeffhall, joined on the podium in 🥉 by @vinniephillips87
DD2 Winner @markkimber47
Brilliant result for the drivers, here’s how we all finished up!
Junior Max
🏆 @ethanjeffhall
🥉 @vinniephillips87
13th @hotkiko
Senior Max
5th @mathildaolssonracing
6th @bradshawcallum
14th @david_aulejtner_racing
19th @g_jonsson36
33rd @jameslingard_33
33rd Final B @gabe.bellanca_12
🏆 Winner @markkimber47
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Heats complete at Euro Trophy...

Over in @karting.genk , the drivers completed their day of heats, ready for the pre final and finals today.
After the heats, this is the starting positions for the Pre Finals:
Pole @ethanjeffhall
5th @vinniephillips87
22nd @hotkiko
11th @david_aulejtner_racing
12th @mathildaolssonracing
8th Pre final B @g_jonsson36
24th Pre final B @gabe.bellanca_12
Pre final and finals coming up today, watch this space…

Qualifying results are in at Genk...

After a busy day in @karting.genk we have our results for the qualifying sessions.
Here’s how we ended up in each group:
Pole @ethanjeffhall
3rd @vinniephillips87
11th @hotkiko
2nd @bradshawcallum
4th @david_aulejtner_racing
11th @g_jonsson36
15th @jameslingard_33
22nd @gabe.bellanca_12
26th @mathildaolssonracing
4th @markkimber47
On to the heats tomorrow 💪🏼

Quali Day in Genk...

Heading in to qualifying today, looking forward to it!
Keep up with the action here:

Euro Trophy Line Up...

We’re ready for round 1 of the @rotaxmaxeurotrophy in @karting.genk this week.
This weeks driver like up is:
Junior Max
Senior Max
Let’s see what we can do this week!
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