Rotax Max Euro Trophy - Genk

Kimber wins at Euro Trophy❗️
@markkimber47 took another win this weekend in @karting.genk. Off the back of his victory at the @rotaxbelgium BNL series race the week before, he once again took victory at the @rotaxmaxeurotrophy
All the Strawberry Racing drivers choosing the slick tyre for final 2, after dropping back at the start, he and @bradshawcallum rocketed through the pack to take a 1-2 victory for the team. Bradshaw crossing the line first, but taking a nosecone penalty dropping him to 2nd. Giving him two 2nd finishes from the two finals.
@lewisgilbert_29 took 7th in final 1, and 10th in final 2.
12th in final 1 and final 2 for @jameslingard_33
@aaron.walker06 took 22nd in final 1 after a nose penalty, and 13th in final 2.
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Strauven takes 2nd at Euro Trophy
A fantastic drive from @tstrauven in final 2 at the @rotaxmaxeurotrophy in @karting.genk in tricky conditions!
@matthijs.terlouw up 12 places after a crash in final 1 to finish a solid 7th.
@ethanjeffhall took 4th in final 1, and 8th in final 2.
Fracassi took 26th in final 1, and got up to 20th in final 2.
Heat results as in at Genk!
A strong day for the team at the @rotaxmaxeurotrophy in @karting.genk
After the heats, the drivers start Final 1 from the following positions.
@tstrauven 3rd
@matthijs.terlouw 7th
@ethanjeffhall 10th
Kiko Fracassi 25th
@markkimber47 Pole
@bradshawcallum 2nd
@lewisgilbert_29 4th
@jameslingard_33 8th
@aaron.walker06 19th
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