Heats Complete in Le Mans

With the heats complete in Le Mans, we have Pole position for the Super Heats tomorrow!

Pole for every super heat in Senior with the drivers 1-2-3 after 5 heats each, plus pole in Junior Max!
Here’s our starting positions for the Super Heats ⤵️
Senior Max:
Pole @kai.rillaerts SH-A
Pole @markkimber47 SH-B
Pole @ethanjeffhall SH-C
3rd @leeaustin_ SH-B
10th @jamieperilly.40 SH-C
17th @mariosidler10 SH-B
Junior Max:
Pole @hotkiko SH-A
2nd @armandhamilton24 SH-A
8th @t1nos1dler_racing SH-A
Big push for tomorrow, let’s see what we can do!
@hellofoto_motorsport_photos @rmcinternationaltrophy


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