Latest... Victory at Shenington!

Latest... Victory at Shenington!

Ceronetti takes the win at Shenington

@aleracing_96 took the final in Senior x30 at @britishkartchampionships round 1 at Shenington! Here’s how the drivers finished up in the Pre Final, and Finals!

Senior X30

@aleracing_96 Pre Final 3rd - Final 1st @thomas_turner0 Pre Final 2nd - Final 10th @aaron.walker06 Pre Final 9th - Final 6th @guy_cunnington52 Pre Final 25th - Final 8th @rufushunt_ Pre Final 29th- Final 23rd


@harryburgoyne_racing Pre Final 8th - Final 16th (Nose) @kanato.le19 Pre Final 12th - Final 9th @vp___87 Pre Final 27th (Nose) - Final 10th

Heat results are in at Shenington

A great start to the day with drivers topping sessions in qualifying. @harryburgoyne_racing taking pole overall in junior x30. @thomas_turner0 taking pole overall in Senior, @guy_cunnington52 topping his group, and @aaron.walker06 taking 2nd in group.

A solid day at Shenington for IAME UK drivers. Here how we line up after today’s heats. Senior X30 Pole @thomas_turner0 3rd @aleracing 9th @guy_cunnington52 16th @aaron.walker06 23rd @rufushunt_ Junior X30 8th @kanato.le19 20th @harryburgoyne_racing 24th @vp___87

Keep up with the teams progress here:


Qualifying day at Shenington

On track today for the Iame British Championship at Shennington. Qualifying and heats today!


The wait is over! This weekend we get back on track for the @iame_series_uk @britishkartchampionships

Shennington will host round 1 of the championship, here’s how our driver line up looks:
Junior X30
Senior X30
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