IAME X30 - Triple Crown!

An amazing achievement for us as a team, becoming Double European Champions, in Junior and Senior, marking this as the third year in a row we have won the senior European title❗️
Now we look back at our achievements in Europe in the Iame x30 classes this year!
Winter Cup
🥇Pole overall
🥉Pre Final
🥇1 win - 🥈3 2nds - 🥉2 3rds - and ⏱3 Fastest laps in the heats
Pre final - 4th 5th -⏱fastest lap
🥈 Final -⏱ fastest lap
Euro Series
🥈 Final
🥉Qualifying - 🥇 1 Win - 🥈2 2nds from the heats
🥈Pre Final
🥇 1 Win -🥈1 2nd - 5th from the heats
🥇Pre Final
🥇 Final
🥉Pre Final
🥈Final ⏱Fastest lap
Heat 1 🥇
Heat 2 🥈
Heat 3 🥉 ⏱Fastest lap
🥇1 win - 🥈1 2nd - 🥉 1 3rd - ⏱ 1 Fastest lap in the heats
🥉Pre Final
🥇2 wins in the heats
🥈 Pre Final
🥉Final ⏱Fastest lap
Iame I Games
🥈Heat 1
🥈Heat 3
🥉Heat 4
🥇Heat 5
🥇Pre Final
4th Final
🥇Iame I Games World Champion 🏆
Group 1 - 🥈- 5th
Group 2 - 4th - 5th
Group 3 - 6th - 10th
Heat 1 🥈🥉6th ⏱Fastest Lap
Heat 2 4th 5th
Heat 3 🥇🥉
Heat 4 6th 11th
Heat 5 🥇🥈4th
Heat 6 🥉13th
Heat 7 🥇🥈⏱Fastest Lap
Heat 8 🥇19th ⏱ Fastest Lap
Heat 9🥇🥈18th ⏱Fastest Lap
Heat 10 5th 8th
Pre Final
🥇🥉4th 6th 17th 34th
🥉4th 7th 15th ⏱Fastest Lap
The I Games bought an end to our Iame European calendar, with an exceptional showing, winning 5 out of 10 heats in Senior with 4 fastest laps along the way!
A win in the pre final, third in the final, and the Win in Junior, was a great way to end our European campaign, once again showing that Strawberry Racing and Cream Racing Engines provide an unrivalled service, show in our results from this year!
A big thank you to everyone involved this year! All the mechanics, engine builders, team managers, and guys behind the scene back at HQ!
To be a part of our success in 2021, do not hesitate to contact us!
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📞 0114 288 9933
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