Jeff-Hall Win at PFI

▪️ @ethanjeffhall took a stunning win in Sunday’s final! Starting from 12th on the grid, Ethan produced a sensational drive through to take the win! This win secured Ethan 4th place in the championship.
▪️ @archieclarkracing took an amazing 3rd in the final on Sunday! A great race saw him climb the order to the podium. Archie finished 8th in the championship.
▪️Sofronea unfortunately had a crash in the final leading to a retirement, after a strong day in the heats. This year Daniel took 18th in the series.
▪️ @wantrob finishing 20th in the final after a hard battle all race He finished overall in 25th place in the championship.
▪️ @mikeywalker_racing up 5 places in the final to 25th after struggling in the heats. 27th Championship finish for Mikey this year.