Kimbolton - British Kart Championships

Kimbolton - British Kart Championships

Kimbolton: @britishkartchampionships

Turner 2nd at Kimbolton!

After a strong performance through qualifying and the heats, @thomas_turner0 took 2nd in the pre final, and 2nd in the main final.

Hers how the drivers finished up in the pre final and finals.

Junior X30
@kanato.le19 - Pre Final 5th - Final 6th
@harryburgoyne_racing - Pre Final 12th - Final 11th
@vp - Pre Final 31st (Crash) - Final 20th

Senior X30
@thomas_turner0 - Pre Final 2nd - Final 2nd
@guy_cunnington52 - Pre Final 3rd - Final 6th
@aleracing_96 - Pre Final 11th - Final 18th (Penalty)
@aaron.walker06 - Pre Final 19th - Final 32nd (Crash)
@rufushunt_ - Pre Final 28th (Penalty) - Final 22nd

Leaving Kimbolton sitting second in both Junior and Senior X30 championships.

Heats are in at Kimbolton
Here’s how the drivers line up after the heats.
@kanato.le19 - 3rd
@vp___87 - 8th
@harryburgoyne_racing - 25th
@thomas_turner0 - 2nd
@guy_cunnington52 - 4th
@aleracing_96 - 11th
@aaron.walker06 - 23rd
@rufushunt_ - 22nd
Looking forward to the pre final and finals today!
Watch the teams progress here:
Qualifying groups are:
@vp___87 - Group 1
@kanato.le19 - Group 2
@harryburgoyne_racing - Group 2
@thomas_turner0 - Group 1
@guy_cunnington52 - Group 1
@aaron.walker06 - Group 1
@aleracing_96 - Group 2
@rufushunt_ - Group 2


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