OTK Cadets Starting 2020 where they finished 2019

@ PFI Club Championships

Nathan Tye Junior Racing P1 ORM Redspeed
Archie Clark Racing P2 Strawberry Tonykart
Ethan Jeff-Hall P3 Strawberry Tonykart
William Knight P5 ORM Redspeed
Lewis Wherrell P6 ORM Redspeed
Zac Knight P8 ORM Redspeed
Catahl Clark P10

Congratulations to eveyone using OTK products that made the final
Hady Mimassi
Daniel Sofronea
Michael Gray
Riley Cranham
Kit Belofsky
Eli badhan

For more information or to test one of the 2020 OTK Karts
please contact:
Strawberry Racing 01142889933
ORM 07366717111
Sam Pollitt racing 07545322272


Upload: Hayden-Media

Upload: Hayden-Media