PFI - Classic Cup: Inc LGM

PFI - Classic Cup: Inc LGM

Winners at PFI!

Pre round for the Rotax British, and also the LGM for the X30 classes, we had some great results across the board!
@bradshawcallum leading home a Strawberry 1-2 in Senior max, with @guy_cunnington52 taking 2nd!
@harryburgoyne_racing takes 2nd in Junior X30 LGM
Here’s how the drivers finished up👇🏻
Senior Max
🏆 @bradshawcallum
🥈 @guy_cunnington52
9th @leonhendersonracing
10th @scott33lapsley
12th @daniel.armstrong12
17th @david_aulejtner_racing
Dnf @gabe.bellanca_12
Junior Max
🥉 @vinniephillips87
12th @samlongleyracing
13th @ethanjeffhall (crash from the lead)
Mini Max
13th @astonsharpracing
Dnf @0mar_sindi
Junior X30 LGM
🥈 @harryburgoyne_racing
Coming up next, the first round of the @britishkartchampionships for the Rotax classes!

Qualifying complete at PFI

With qualifying done, we have taken overall Pole in both Junior and Senior Rotax!

Here’s how the drivers finished up👇🏻

Senior Max (in group)

Pole @bradshawcallum

Pole @guy_cunnington52

4th @david_aulejtner_racing

6th @gabe.bellanca_12

9th @daniel.armstrong12

10th @leonhendersonracing

16th @scott

Junior Max (in group)

Pole @vinniephillips87

3rd @ethanjeffhall

12th @samlongleyracing

Mini Max

P12 @astonsharpracing

P30 @0mar_sindi

Junior X30

15th @harryburgoyne_racing

On to the heat tomorrow 💪🏼 #otk tonykart #pfi #club #letsgo #cream


We’re at @pfikarting this weekend for the club round, with strong line up!

We welcome Aston Sharp Racing] to the team, racing in the Mini Max class.
Here’s our drivers for the weekend👇🏻
Mini Max
Junior Max
@ethanjeffhall @vinniephillips87 @samlongleyracing
Junior X30
Senior X30
Let’s see what we can do this weekend!


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