PFI Club & LGM

A fantastic day for the Strawberry Racing team at PFI, with a win and podiums across the classes!
Senior x30 Club
@aaron.walker06 Winner
@aleracing_96 2nd
Senior x30 LGM
@thomas_turner0 3rd
Junior X30 LGM
@kanato.le19 3rd
@harryburgoyne_racing 8th
@vp___87 - 9th
Junior max
@leonhendersonracing 2nd
@wantrob 13th
Mini max
@ethanjeffhall 6th
Tomorrow, we have day two of the LGM series!
Qualifying results are in...
After a solid days testing at @pfikarting , here’s how our drivers lined up after qualifying!
Junior X30
@kanato.le19 - Pole Group 2
@harryburgoyne_racing - 3rd Group 2
@vp___87 - 9th Group 1
Senior x30
@aaron.walker06 - 3rd Club
@aleracing_96 - 5th Club
@thomas_turner0 - 20th LGM
Mini max
@ethanjeffhall - Pole but nose cone - 6th
Junior max
@leonhendersonracing - 7th
@wantrob - 20th
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