Pole at PFI

Qualifying today at PFI went extremely well for our Cream powered drivers!

Strong team performance across the board today, Pole in both Junior Max groups, and both seniors in the top 10! Here’s the teams full results below...
Mini Max Inter
Pole @albiefriend_racing - @strawberry_racinguk
8th @rory_armstrong_racing - @strawberry_racinguk
11th @joshuagriffin_racing13 - @strawberry_racinguk
Junior Max
Pole @ethanjeffhall - @strawberry_racinguk
Pole Armand Hamilton - @strawberry_racinguk
2nd @archieclarkracing - @sampollittracing
5th @d.russell88 - @jaxxmotorsport
5th @harrisoncrowtherracing - @tooley_motorsport
9th @brandon_trueman_racing_55 - @strawberry_racinguk
10th Arayman Bansal - @strawberry_racinguk
Senior Max
Pole @neoclarketoo - @tooley_motorsport
2nd @bennfolland - @tooley_motorsport
4th @jamieperilly.40 - @strawberry_racinguk
6th @samlongleyracing - @strawberry_racinguk
10th @pbc_15 - @jaxxmotorsport
The junior drivers also had heats today, kicking off the racing with a win in heat 1, and strong results from the test! Looking forward to tomorrow!
Photography Credit: Chris Walker @Kartpix


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