Rotax British Championship

Heats done at Larkhall

A solid day of heats for the drivers here at Larkhall, here’s how we line up for the finals!

Senior Max

Pole @bradshawcallum

3rd @guy_cunnington52

16th @leonhendersonracing

25th @david_aulejtner_racing

32nd @daniel.armstrong12

Junior Max

6th @ethanjeffhall

9th @vinniephillips87

12th @harryburgoyne_racing

34th @samlongleyracing


Round 2

Round 2 or the Rotax @britishkartchampionships this weekend at @wskclarkhall . Here’s our driver line up for the weekend!

Senior Max

@bradshawcallum  @guy_cunnington52  @gabe.bellanca_12  @daniel.armstrong12  @scott33lapsley  @leonhendersonracing  @david_aulejtner_racing

Junior Max

@ethanjeffhall  @vinniephillips87  @samlongleyracing  @harryburgoyne_racing

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