Double Winners at Rotax!

2021 British Kart Championship

Mini and Junior Max winners at @kne_official @britishkartchampionships
@leonhendersonracing took the win in both heats, 3rd in the pre final, and a dominant win in the final!
@ethanjeffhall took a heat win, before a penalty, 2nd in heat 2, 2nd in the pre final, winning the final!
@tstrauven took a brilliant 8th finish and top rookie in his first weekend racing in the uk. @scott30lapsley_ had a brilliant weekend, taking 3rd in quali, 3rd in both heats, 8th in the pre final, and 8th in the final. Due to a rib injury, @danieltate29 couldn’t race the final. Disappointing way to end the weekend, especially after taking pole, and two heat wins on Saturday.
@cream_racing_engines @kartpix
Heat Results are in...
The heats have concluded at the @britishkartchampionships , here’s how we line up for today’s finals!
Mini Max
5th @ethanjeffhall
19th @tstrauven
Junior Max
14th @mikeyporter_ @jaxxmotorsport
Rotax 177
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@cream_racing_engines @jaxxmotorsport
Here’s our drivers for this weekend
Mini Max
@cream_racing_engines @jaxxmotorsport
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