What a year!

What a year indeed...

This year has been fantastic for us as a team, now with 2021 coming to an end, let’s take a look back at our achievements this year!
First up, the IAME X30 classes!
X30 Senior Winter Cup Champion
X30 Senior Winter Cup Vice Champion
X30 Senior European Champion
X30 Senior European Championship
X30 Junior : European Champion
X30 Junior European Championship 3rd
X30 Senior Vice British Campion
Senior X30 Vice World Champion
Senior X30 World Championship
Senior X30 Vice LGM Champions
Junior X30 Vice LGM Champions
Senior X30 Zuera Cup Champion
Junior X30 Zuera Cup Champion
Senior X30 English Champion
Senior X30 IAME I Games World Champion
Senior X30 IAME I Games World Championship
Junior X30 IAME I Games Vice World Champion
PFI Autumn Cup Winners
Taking multiple championships, race wins, fastest laps this year, if you want to taste success in 2022, contact us now!
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