Tony Kart Racer 401R 2021

This is the latest and most refined evolution of the Racer, the 401R. The  unchanged chassis geometry is made up of chrome molybdenum 30mm tubing. 

The kart is supplied as a rolling chassis with 50mm axle, BSD brake system and 180mm disc. It comes with a Tonykart seat and MXJ rims, 

If a large disc is required, please contact us on 01142 889933, for adjusted cost. 





  1. BSD rear brake caliper
  2. New floor plate
  3. One-piece chain guard support
  4. HGS Steering wheel
  5. Throttle adjustment
  6. Sprocket’s hub with two screws
  7. Water pump support
  8. Seat support
  9. Steering column support
  10. M7 Spoiler


  1. Molybdenum chrome steel
  2. 30 mm
  3. 1045 mm
  4. 50 mm with CIK-FIA stamp
  5. BSD with stub axles evolution type and DOT 5.1 lubricant
  6. Magnesium components, MXJ wheels, front torsion bar, standard aluminium pedals
  7. M7 spoiler 
    M6 fairings with optional CIK-FIA homologated front spoiler connections
    stickers kit with new graphics